RATHEAUX particularly distinguished by BEST LAWYERS

Author SAINT-PÈRE Henri
Date : 03 July 2020

RATHEAUX is particularly honoured by being cited 14 times in the 2021 BEST LAWYERS ranking published by the magazine US best lawyers in partnership with LES ECHOS, for the categories (in alphabetical order) :


Banking & Finance Law

Competition / Antitrust Law

Corporate Governance and Compliance Law

Corporate Law (with 3 named partners)

Franchise Law

Insolvency and Reorganization Law

Leveraged Buyouts

Merger and Acquisition (with 3 partners)

Private Equity Law

Tax Law (with 2 partners)

Venture Capital Law


This recognition reinforces the reputation of RATHEAUX law firm, with two partners already nominated for 2020 as Best Lawyer 2020.


The press release : Link