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Cabinet Ratheaux advises its clients, when selecting the most suitable corporate type, the addition of new partners, the increase of equity. We also advise during the transfer of ownership and takeover processes.

We suggest, and implement, solutions which are adapted to the needs of efficiency and security for our clients :

  • The setting up of both non-trading companies and business firms, (European) economic interest and partnership groupings,
  • follow-up of day to day functions and development,
  • Operations for internal growth: stock issues giving immediate or deferred access to authorized capital, compound stocks and bonds, bonds, merger-absorptions, demergers, contribution, asset transactions, TUP,
  • Operations for external growth: merger acquisitions, takeovers or acquisition of company shareholdings, company financial planning and the agreements that accompany them (representations and warranties, commitments on securities), L.B.O., and the preliminary relevant legal, tax and labour law Due Diligence...
  • Groups of companies: creation of company holdings, setting up funding and contribution of assets to new subsidiaries, legal procedures connected to the group's existence, agreements organizing relations between companies within the same group (cash pooling, management services, tax consolidation...),
  • Special agreements or arrangements, often linked to the sale of shares and the entry or withdrawal of shareholders: shareholders agreements, right of pre-emption and withdrawal, creation of security categories, organization of management bodies, special advantages, withdrawal of partners,
  • Setting up of structures backed by industrial, commercial or financial cooperation agreements : simplified stock companies, joint-venture companies,
  • Securities and regulation law: follow-up of quoted or public issue companies, flotation of companies on the stock exchange, regulations linked to the holding of contribution thresholds, procedures for maintaining prices, tender offers, compulsory withdrawals, and squeeze-outs,
  • Securities and regulation Corporate governance: preventive agreements for potential shareholders disputes, setting up of executives specialized steering committees, internal rules for boards of directors and supervisory boards,
  • Special companies or structures: open ended investment companies, investment funds, variable capital companies, cooperative societies, semi-state corporate bodies,
  • Legal advice for company managers: legal tax and labour status, civil and criminal liability, organization of the transfer of a company's ownership,
  • Rights of minority shareholders,
  • Employee share issues : stock option plans, profit-sharing, takeovers, involvement in management committees,
  • Transformations, winding-up and liquidation of companies.

In addition to providing advice, Cabinet Ratheaux equally prepares all the groundwork for any litigation procedure in the above areas and in particular as regards:

  • Dissention between partners, minority expertise, abuse of majority, civil and criminal liability of managers, misuse of corporate assets, implementation of representations and warranties agreement.


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