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RATHEAUX law firm fees for consultation, legal assistance, agreement and contract drafting and pleadings are freely fixed by mutual agreement with the client.

Fees amount proposed by RATHEAUX can vary in accordance to :

  • Time spent in the study and preparation of the file.
  • Subject matter and complexity of the file.
  • Urgency involved.
  • Volume of work performed in precedent case law and doctrine searches and synthesis.
  • Financial capacity of the client.
  • Importance of the case under dispute.
  • And result achieved.

RATHEAUX may propose to its clients, following fees basis :

1. Fees set on time spent

RATHEAUX fees will depend of the amount of time spent.

RATHEAUX hourly fees rate is from €180 € HT to €400 € (plus VAT) depending of the complexity of the matter and of the lawyer’s seniority following the file.

Even if it is difficult to assess in advance a number of hours to devote to a file, RATHEAUX will communicate to the client a fees budget estimate.

2. Lump amount of fees

Instead of a time spent billing, it could be mutually agreed, to set a flat fixed amount fee covering as lump amount the global work.

Such fee will cover full work to be performed while treating the file, without any relation to the effective time spent by RATHEAUX’s lawyers on the matter.

3. Success fees

RATHEAUX law firm proposes to its clients, mainly for litigation matters, success fees set on the achieved result.

Success fees cannot legally be the unique remuneration for a law firm but are in addition to a small lump amount fee.

Success fee is payable as soon as the result is definitively obtained, thanks to the help provided by RATHEAUX law firm.

Such success fee is between 10 to 25% of the gain, saving or advantage obtained in favor of the client.

Client will have to pay it only in case of a favorable result.

4. Subscribtion arrangement

RATHEAUX can propose to its clients an adapted fees subscription (hourly credit time, yearly lump amount subscription…) with scope determined by mutual written agreement.



Our fees are subject to VAT at the rate of 20% in compliance with regular rules.

RATHEAUX fees do not include :

Any expenses (registration duties, legal publications, tribunal filing expenses…)

Bailiff, Supreme court and French Council of State barrister,

which shall always be borne by the client.

In every situation RATHEAUX fees are stated in a preliminary fees proposal agreed by the client.

A fees and expenses retainer is usually requested by our law firm upon the start of the work.

For any fees claim, after an amicable request sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of result to CABINET RATHEAUX, client can address the claim to :

The avocat Mediator
22 rue de Londres, 75009 PARIS
Email :
Web :

Should no settlement agreement be made, any dispute shall be submitted to the Bâtonnier de l’Ordre des Avocats de LYON.

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